We are the leaders in the design, deployment, integration and management of advanced communication networks in India, with a comprehensive, integrated platform solution for high performance fiber networks. We work hand-in-hand with India’s most innovative and successful builders, building future-ready homes with seamless digital services, including IP and IoT services, security management, energy management and home automation solutions customized to their requirements.

Just like electric power systems did in the 20th century, advanced communication networks are now driving simultaneous innovation in every aspect that matters to communities. Parametrique is your trusted partner to make this a reality for communities that you’re building today.


Our goal is to provide quality assured services to you so that it increases your productivity and comfort.  We are always eager to assist you in creating a life of self-sufficiency and satisfaction. Our aim is to make your life more methodical and comfortable through our performance-oriented approach and innovative methods.


Our integrated solutions are developed and manufactured to constantly define and redefine the modern age of home and commercial automation. We envision our future with you along with the bond of technological excellence.



With our integrated and managed security systems, you can be assured of getting the maximum security to your network connection without causing any hindrance to the service. Services like CCTV and access control provides reliability and affordability to builders and residents.


Experience unmatched comfort with a better quality of lighting and temperature control for the desired ambience and control of all electrical equipments remotely with the most advanced home automation services.


We offer multiple options and platforms for innovation and expansion with state-of-the-art integrated solutions. All our services have the potential to generate future investment with emphasis upon reliability, convenience and customer satisfaction.

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Smart energy management is an integral part of our solutions. We keep in mind the ease of affordability and therefore make use of prepaid meter to monitor energy consumption.