Measure the use of your residential and business resources with advanced energy management. Strategically orient your needs with the motive of sustainable energy and conservation. Energy efficient systems allow strategizing of energy consumption for effective usage and consumption. Our energy systems assure minimal carbon emissions.

Prepaid meter is an essential component of our energy management solutions. With monthly fixed charges based on kVA/kW, the user is charged only on the basis of the specified amount levied. Along with this, there are several features of the software that goes in the enhancing of the prepaid metering solution. In the case of negative threshold, the meter alerts the user by generating readable alerts. These alerts are in the form of SMS or Email-alerts that gets stored with the user as a record of the functioning and usage of the meter.


Apart from the negative threshold alerts, another type of alert provided by the meter is to indicate any sort of misuse. During instances of wrongful use, if detected, the meter is capable of sending alerts to you for better energy consumption and use.

Another important feature and highlight of prepaid metering is the display of logo of the service provider, his name and the address of the provider. This means that the user has the necessary information on everything through which the service is available to him. The software used in the prepaid meter is equipped with a special feature that helps in generating the electricity bill. This also helps you to keep a check on the energy consumption.

In case you are unable to maintain the bills properly, the system will help the user know about it. That is, if the user initiates payment for a bill, which has already been done and eventually completes the payment, the system will automatically reverse the charge and return back the payment. If it’s not a digital transaction, then the option for reconciliation of the cheque is also available.

Any instance of power cut off is well managed with the software. Be it a night time cut off or anything else, the software has the ability to manage it accordingly. This saves a lot of energy and eventually caters to the essential need of prepaid metering. Providing fully advanced features and capacity, the software activates itself to provide the reconnection time and keeps you posted about consumption and use. In this way, time management is also carried out along with the needs for energy consumption.