You can enjoy the benefit of smart communication systems by enabling the home and office with superior quality technology. The network and its efficiency can be traced with the structure of high-tech technology, visible in the outcomes. A consistent, rigid and proper communication channel is assured while using it in office and at homes. The communication channel is specially structured to ensure voice clarity and security.

The intercom facility is affordable and ensures ease of operations. The bill charged will be attached to a private bill rather than levying the same on the user. This service can be used for a variety of operations. It is structured for different kinds of building communications. The features are also scalable and offer ease of use.With wireless technology and CCTV camera, there won’t be a need of stepping outside of the door. This guarantees advanced security and increased dependency.


For the uninitiated, an intercom facility is a two-way communication system that contains well defined circuits for to and fro transmission of data. In other words, this facility enables comfort, security and advanced home automation service, all at the same time. In the modern day scenario, wired, wireless and video-enabled intercom facility gains predominance. Wireless technology makes use of hand-held radios that transmit data through a specific technology.

Wired intercom facility, on the other hand, runs along wires between different locations, just like a video system. In this type of intercom facility, the user has full access to the visual images rendering a complete surveillance system. The user, be it at their home or in the office can view the person who would like to gain access to the perimeter. This kind of system is much preferred these days that bring in a new dimension to modern intercom technology.

Flexibility of services is another feature that amplifies intercom facility to greater heights. The perimeter of your office or residential space is fully secured allowing you access to the visitor at your doorstep. Transcending the mere definition of building security, Parametrique intercom operations give in a new dimension to perimeter security with strategically placed speakers and cameras at your location thereby catching up with important details and careful observation. The idea to expand and evolve is what drives the expertise of our intercom facility much like all the other services.