We provide customized Home Automation Solution for residences, commercial buildings, hotels and the public utility sector through our FTTX network. This automation service provides convenience, security and energy efficiency.

The control of the system can be managed from anywhere around the world. At home, the in-built sensors alert the owner in the case of fire, gas leakage, intrusion or security breach and theft.


Parametrique Home Automation

Every individual needs a home that fulfills all their needs. In this technological era, smart home is the need of the hour that can elevate the standards of living to greater heights. Parametrique home automation system enables a completely designed home that can maximize convenience with energy efficiency to meet the exact needs of the customer.

The occupants can enjoy peak efficiency in a customized and optimized environment. A heightened level of functionality in a wireless mechanism with miniature modules are installed with existing wall switch boards so as to make the system ready.

One stop solution for your home

The one stop app solution with a user-friendly interface will set up an extensive systematization in your premises. The home owner can experience professional upgradation of your home. The user can have complete control of the home including the lighting, music system, HVAC and a host of other devices and systems.

A flexible home automation system that performs effectively with a modified wireless solution can be integrated into your home atmosphere without the need for renovation and wiring. In an average household, such installation could be hampered by load bearing walls, which will not be the case with Parametrique Home Automation Solution. A fully dedicated hybrid system forms the core of our smart home automation solution. All the appliances work in harmony to save energy and enhance comfort.

The user can control the home with the help of an android or ios device with the help of our wireless solution. Parametrique Home Automation wireless solution delivers a power packed evolution of the smart home with a perfect combination of calibrated hardware and software.

Easy Installation for a Smart Home Way

Any kind of rewiring or renovation is not required to get the complete access of a smart home. An easy configuration and control solution with practical installation effortlessly blends into the home environment. Not only this, our Home Automation solution is cost effective, energy sufficient and self contained. If you need to bring change, we offer change in a smart home way.